Hi, I'm Feb.

I'm a nerd who likes video games, worldbuilding, and making art as a hobby. Most of my art centers on a passion project of mine involving *~magical furries~*, but occasionally I'll do other stuff too.

When I was younger, I used the handles 'Febilian' and 'Ephriokko' for posting artwork or playing video games online. At some point I decided that I wanted something that is at least slightly less likely to be casually misspelled. So now I'm just... Not February.

(It's just a silly little in-joke that I'm sure no one else remembers anymore. I guess that makes it an in-joke with myself?)

Maybe I'll set up an actual dedicated portfolio website someday, I don't know. For now, I just wanted to have a little corner of internet to post some of my artwork to that isn't subject to the money-grubbing whims of modern social media behemoths who like to sell user-made content by retroactively changing site policies.

So... here we are, I suppose.

I'm currently taking a break from posting my art anywhere for mental health raesons; this wite mostly exists right now so that that it's here for later.